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Short Description is a portal whose basic function is to allow users to reserve and buy ferry tickets online. The system enables users to obtain information about the availability of ferry boat tickets, beds, cabins, and/or vehicle spaces, make a reservation, and finally purchase tickets if they wish.

In addition, when you buy your ticket from, you can purchase insurance coverage for your trip, choosing an insurance package from Allianz Global Assistance. This program has been specially designed, organized and priced in light of the requirements of tourists who travel by boat to or from other countries and within Greece. To see the detailed terms of the program, click here.

At the same time, offers convenient services to users, supplementing its basic operation. Our goal is to give users a dynamic integrated information environment for trip planning, while enabling them to easily make economically advantageous comparisons between ticket prices and to benefit from our special offers.

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In our efforts to foster trusting relationships with our customers, we created DigiTickets Club. Each user of can become a member of DigiTickets Club and obtain a membership card (which should be activated before use). By using the membership card, members can earn redeemable points with each new purchase on You can add to your point total with additional purchases over time, earning a larger point bonus with each purchase up to the fifth one if you do not redeem your points before making those purchases. Read What You Need to Know about DigiTickets Club for more information.

From time to time, as advertised on our website, in our newsletter, and on our Facebook page, there will be contests whose winners will join the DigiTickets Club (if they have not already done so), immediately earning a number of points that will be redeemable at the time of their next purchase on

Finally, at intervals that will be announced on the website, users who have purchased ferry tickets within a specified period of time will be entered in a lottery whose winner gets a free weekend stay for two people at a lovely site in Greece. Read more about the lottery here.