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DigiTickets Club

In our efforts to foster trusting relationships with our customers, we created Digitickets Club. Each user of can become a member of Digitickets Club and obtain a membership card (which should be activated before use). By using the membership card, members can earn redeemable points with each new purchase on You can add to your point total with additional purchases over time, earning a larger point bonus with each purchase up to the fifth one, if you do not redeem your points before making those purchases.


  1. You can become a Digitickets Club member by registering online. When you register, you provide your contact information (e-mail address and cell phone number). It is not necessary for this information to be identical to the data provided when making your reservations. After registering as a new member, you will receive a unique ID and a membership card (with a barcode).
  2. Once you acquire the Digitickets Club card through an advertising promotion, you will need to activate it before you can use it. During the activation process, you will again provide the contact information mentioned above.
  3. When making a reservation, provide your card number before the summary, along with the rest of your information.
  4. Points are calculated starting with your first purchase as a club member, and they can be redeemed starting with your second purchase.
  5. All of this also applies if you buy tickets directly from our office rather than electronically (on the web site).
  6. Your redeemable points can add up as long as you keep them, and you will earn extra bonus points at a higher rate with each purchase up to the 5th one. After your 5th reservation, the rate at which you earn points will become constant (at the last maximum value) until you redeem your points.
  7. Once your points are redeemed, you start again from the beginning.
  8. In addition to the points for purchases, there will be periodic sweepstakes / promotions where extra points will be given to a limited number of members each time. These offers will be announced on the website as well as in our newsletter, which will be sent to any Digitickets Club members who wish to receive it.
  9. Members of the DigiTickets Club will be able to check the running total of their points, as well as seeing a summary of all their Digitickets transactions at any time on a special page on by entering their identification information (card number, e-mail and phone).
  10. If you lose your card, you must notify us so we can cancel it, issue you a new one, and transfer your existing points.
  11. This card is neither a debit card nor a credit card; nor is it a means of payment. It is used only as a preferred customer card according to the terms described above.
  12. This card is the property of; if it is lost, the finder is asked to deliver it to our company.
  13. Cards may not be transferred to third parties unless the initial owner informs our company and changes the relevant data.
  14. If for any reason the terms of use of this card change, such changes will be announced on the website of Changes will always apply to the future collection of points on the card.
DigiTickets Club Card